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2007 Festival

Best Student Film

-Winner of a $1000 cash.


Still Life

still_lifeDirector: Tahnee McGuire
Producer: Sally Madgwick
Scriptwriter: Tahnee McGuire
Scriptwriter: Callan Green
Cinematographer: Christopher Mills
Editor: Victoria Thaine

A depressed middle-aged man takes art classed only to find himself embroiled in the affairs of the life drawing model.

Best Independent

-Winner of a $1000 cash.



transientDirector: Craig Boreham
Producer: Genevieve Derwent
Scriptwriter: Craig Boreham
Cinematographer: Bonnie Elliott
Editor: Adrian Rostirolla

Actors: Ian Roberts

Daniel and John meet and fall in love in Vietnam, but when they return to Sydney, it all falls apart. Transient is a moving 'end of love' story about travel, capitalism, loss and love.

Best Treehouse

-Winner of a $1000 cash.


wallyDirector: Tonnette Stanford
Producer: Robert Milles
Scriptwriter: Tonette Stanford
Cinematographer: David Hawkins
Editor: Tonette Stanford

Actors: Malorie O'Neil,Esme Melville

Little Matilda cannot stand her new dog, Wally. In retaliation to his countless bad habits, she sets him up for a seemingly innocent crime involving a chocolate cake. Unfortunately, for Wally, the consequences are far more severe than she ever expected.

Director's Choice

-Winner of a $1000 cash and a $300 voucher from Metro Screen.

The Death of an Official

the_death_of_an_officialDirector: Natalie Lopes & Marlene Palmeiro
Producer: Natalie Lopes & Marlene Palmeiro
Scriptwriter: Natalie Lopes (adapted from story by Anton Chekov)
Cinematographer: Anne Yi
Editor: Leslie Marsh & Marlene Palmeiro

Actors: Mark Daly, Jarred Smith

When Tcheriakoff accidentally sneezes on an official at the Opera, he is overcome with embarrassment. Adapted from a story by Anton Chekov.

JVC Award

-Winner of a JVC GZ-MG505 30 Gb hard drive; 5 Mega Pixel Camcorder RRP $1,999

Not Sitting Still

not_standing_stillDirector: Sarah Antill
Producer: Sarah Antill
Scriptwriter: Sarah Antill
Editor: Sarah Antill, Christopher Thompson

Robyn Shepherd, Sydney mother of six, has decided to undergo a major neurosurgical operation. The surgery has a 40% chance of dramatically reducing her Parkinson's Disease symptons and an observable chance of killing her. The moving documentary explores Robyn's battle with her symptons in the lead up to the lead up to the surgery.


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