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Synopsis Collection #2

Australian Short Films - Collection #2

From the Newtown Flicks Short Film Festival


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Disc 1

running time approx 67 minutes


Australian Tails    06.57Australian-Tails


Director / Producer / Scriptwriter: Sarah Spillane

Actors: Pru Gallagher, Sophie Gregg, Jane McDonald, Justin Smith (as the voice of 'Jet')


Synopsis: Australian Tails satirically addresses social prejudice. The story is about a young Jack Russell, called Jet who dreams about becoming a guide dog. Jet must overcome negative stereotypes surrounding the Jack Russell breed and prove himself to the examiner of LEADS, the prestigious Guide Dogs Association.



Floating    11.45Floating


Director / Producer / Scriptwriter: Chi-Kuang Tu

Actors: Anne Lui, James Du


Synopsis: Chia-Ming and her family move to Australia. They are all excited about their new life in a new country except for Chia-Ming.



Wide open    06.41Wide-Open


Director: Greg Punch

Producer: Newtown Flicks

Scriptwriter: Michael Neaylon

Actors: Lara Mulcahy, Graeme Rhodes


Synopsis: Did you hear the one about the agoraphobic man and his long suffering girlfriend? One day they went to the park to do something normal. Big mistake!



Providence park     5:58Providence-Park

-Runner up, 'Best Independent / Production House' film 2010 Festival-


Director: Daniel Krige

Producer: Matthew Reeder

Scriptwriter: Hugh Jellie

Actors: Rachael Taylor, Sarah Grant, Tony Barry, Trisha Youlden


Synopsis: A day in the park turns into a magical experience when a little dog encourages people to throw a stick for it - and returns with what they need most.



The silence in between    11:06The-Silence-in-Between


Director / Scriptwriter: Nathan Wishart

Producer: Martyn Taylor

Actors: David E. Woodley, Sepideh Madah


Synopsis: Elaine and Richard barely communicate anymore. When Elaine runs into a young man next door, he awakens a desire she hasn't felt for a long time.



Identity theft    7:21Identity-Theft

-Winner, 'Directors' Choice', 2010 Festival-


Director / producer / Writer / Cinematographer / Editor / Actor: Stuart White


Synopsis: A mysterious, masked stranger interrogates a man about his true identity. When the truth is revealed, things start to get a little hectic.



Ascension     13:45Ascension


Director: Stephen Irwin

Producer: Vickie Guest

Scriptwriter: Stephen Irwin

Actor: Bill Brown and Sean Lynch


Synopsis: Searching for the cause of a blackout one night, exhausted trainspotter Tim mistakenly enters a neighbour's apartment. Blundering into a group of cultists desperate to escape Earth and ascend to the Thribelian solar system, they need a human sacrifice to fulfill their plans. Unfortunately for Tim, he just might fit their requirements.



  • Intermission


Disc 2

running time approx 50 minutes



Frail     6:33Frail

-Winner, 'Best Independent / Production House' film 2010 Festival-


Director / Writer: Alex Murawski

Producer: Annmaree J Bell

Cinematographer: Bonnie Elliott

Editor: Adrian Rostirolla

Actors: Anne Looby, Maddi Newling, Courtney-Jane Polder


Synopsis: A stark confrontation when death forces a girl to question her mother's stoic manner and discover a simple beauty in her little sister's childish ways.



Viva las Possum    7:12Viva-Las-Possum

-Winner, 'Audience Bites Back', 2010 festival-


Director: Marcus Hamill

Producer: Lib Kelly

writer: Andy Muir

Cinematographer: Earle Dresner

Editor: Toby Dennen

Actors: Joel Russell, Marc Kay, Rudi Baker, Sophie Cleary


Synopsis: When a young couple are woken in the middle of the night to the sound of movement in their roof, they can only imagine that they have possums in their attic. On closer investigation by the pest inspector, they find they have something far worse....Elvis!



Tundra    12:40Tundra

-Winner, 'Best Student Film', 2010 Festival-


Director / Producer / Writer: Claire Phillips

Cinematographer: Erin Black

Actors: Lee Ann Simon, Ana Ringma


Synopsis: Convinced that success is derived from getting out of the small town Tundra, Kate's careful life plan remains unchanged as her best friends fall apart.



What if girl    11:25What-If-Girl

-Winner, 'Panavision Prize', 2010 Festival -


Director / Producer / Writer: Heremaia Rudkin

Cinematographer: Richard Narramore

Actors: Iain McDonald, Sarah Jane George


Synopsis: Steven Anderson is a mainstream twenty-something male in the rat race, he sees the same people at the bus stop every morning and barely knows any of them, but when one of them doesn't turn up he realises what impact she actually had on him.



Besties     05.36Besties


Director / Producer / Writer: Jasmin-Johanna Mobbs

Actors: Ben Mobbs, Sam Mobbs


Synopsis: Have you ever wondered how many chooks there are in the entire world? How many eggs they lay? Come on a journey into six-year-old Ben's backyard to discover some interesting facts about chooks and what sort of mischief they can get up to. What happens when they escape from the cage? And how do the city neighbours react when the rooster crows.



The Verticals    4:58The-Verticals


Director: Richard Vidler and Matthew Walker

Scriptwriter: Richard Vidler and Matthew Walker

Actors: Sean Francis, Chris McDermid, Ben Hicks, James Vidler


Synopsis: For a band of four brothers, everything in their world is straight up and down. There is never a variation to their calm, upright view of the world. One day an inanimate stranger arrives on their doorstep and challenges the very perpendicular nature of their existence. How on earth will they cope?!