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Below are the winners from the 2010 Newtown Flicks Short Film Festival.


Panavision Prize:

‘What If Girl’

what if girl 150

Director: Heremaia Rudkin


Synopsis: Steven Anderson is a mainstream twenty something male in the rat race, he sees the same people at the bus stop every morning and barely knows any of them, but when one of them doesn't turn up he realises what impact she actually had on him.


See Interview with Heremaia by 'Ponk Monks', Victoria Waghorn.



Best Independent/ Production House:


frail 150

Director: Alex Murawski


Synopsis: A stark confrontation when death forces Dorothy to question her mother's stoic manner and discover a simple beauty in her sister's childish ways. 



Runner Up:


‘Providence Park’

providence park 150

Director: Daniel Krige


Synopsis: A day in the park turns into a magical experience when a little dog encourages people to throw a stick for it - and returns with what they need most.




Best Student Award:



tundra 150

Director: Claire Phillips



Synopsis: Convinced that success is derived from getting out of the small town Tundra, Kate's careful life plan remains unchanged as her best friends fall apart.




 Runner Up:




Director: Amy Alexander


Synopsis: A woman sits at an easel while around her the entire room is filled with paintings of a man in different poses, and as we focus on each one, the story of the man and the woman is revealed. A story about love, lust and never fogetting where you left your underpants.



Directors’ Choice:

‘Identity Theft’

identity theft 150

Director: Stuart White



Synopsis: A man is interrogated by a mysterious masked stranger about his true identity. When the truth is finally revealed, things start to get a little hectic.



JVC Prize:


‘Me, Myself and iPod’

Director: Aidan Prewett



Synopsis: A boy considers his iPod and how it affect his life. Why so attached? Thus, there is a journey seeking answers.




viva las possum 150

Audience Bites Back Winner:

‘Viva Las Possum’

Director: Marcus Hamill


Synopsis: When a young couple is woken in the middle of the night to the sound of movement in their roof, they can only imagine that they have possums in their attic. On investigation by the pest inspector, they find they have something far worse….Elvis!