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2010 Festival Program - Saturday

Welcome to the 2010 Newtown Flicks Short Film Festival program. With 10 sessions across two and a half days, you're guaranteed to find something that'll tickle your fancy, spin you out, inform or just plain confuse you!

Unlike petrol and food, session prices are the same as last year with Saturday and Sunday sessions a flat rate of $11 . In order to keep prices down, we've foregone the use of a ticketing agency. Tickets will be available for sale at the door or can reserve you're tickets by filling out this form

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This years sessions are a mix of genres that'll take you on a journey and once again jump on board and be part of the jury by voting for your favourite film and giving them the opportunity to be a finalist in the 'Audience Bites Back' Session on Sunday.




Saturday Sessions

Click on any of the sessions below to see all the films and synopsis that will be screening during that individual session.


NOTE: Films marked with '*' are not valid for voting for the 'Audience Bites Back' session.





-Saturday Wake up-



Letters to Sallyletters to sally 150


Director: Matthew Jenkin

Producer: Matthew Jenkin

Scriptwriter: Matthew Jenkin

Cinematographer: Bradley Conomy

Editor: Matthew Jenkin

Actors: Luke Arnold, Louisa Mignone


Synopsis: A man wakes on the side the road in a city. In his hand is a red envelope addressed to Sally. His search for identity and self begins.



Tracking the Tank Streamtracking the tank stream 150


Director: John Bennett

Scriptwriter: John Bennett

Editor: John Bennett and John Laidler


Synopsis: One dull spring morning we tried to follow the Tank Stream through the heart of Sydney's CBD. The narration explores the history of this source of fresh water that led to the city’s establishment.



Imitationimitation 150


Director: Angus MacPherson

Producer: Amy Parker

Scriptwriter: Angus MacPherson

Cinematographer: Glen Rose

Editor: Matt Noble

Actors: Paul Armstrong, David Woodland


Synopsis: Author John Eisencroft has almost finished devising the perfect heist in his latest crime novel. His progress doesn't go unnoticed by a fan, who just so happens to be a professional thief. His current job requires ingenious planning. Conveniently, John's work is proving to be exactly what he needs.



Mr Morag's Helical Dreammr morags helical dreams 150


Director: Alex Nakone

Producer: Alex Nakone

Scriptwriter: Alex Nakone

Cinematographer: Tim Dangerfield

Editor: Alex Nakone and Eugene Guy Villon

Actors: Terry Rogers, Patrick Frost


Synopsis: A human clone has been created as an organ donor to Morag who has kidney disease. Morag experiences disturbing post operative hallucinations connecting him subconsciously with the clone. Complications occur and the result is an unexpected outcome that no-one could predict.



Stiffstiff 150


Director: Christina Farmer and others

Producer: Chris Hobart

Scriptwriter: Christina Farmer and Brent Curtis

Cinematographers: Christina Farmer and others

Editor: Chris Hobart

Actors: Korin Kidis, Lance Anthony


Synopsis: Angelica's dinner parties are like an obscene ritual. As her need to fil her desire gains strength, Angelica must contend with her three house mates observations of her….and so Angelica plans her very special dinner party, she must make a choice as to which of her house mates should join her and which ones she needs out of the way.



Before Midnightbefore midnight 150


Director: Dave Wutton

Producer:  Brian Sisk

Scriptwriter: Dave Wutton

Cinematographer: Colm O'Murchu

Editor: Chad Merriman


Actors: Jamie Zamudio, Ron Hadley


Synopsis: In a make or break deal, you can get broken. A desperate Real Estate agent goes for broke in a scam that has to be finalised before midnight. The comedy just gets blacker!


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-Ok, Let's Go!-



The Black Dogthe black dog 150


Director: Shaun Katz

Producer: Shaun Katz

Scriptwriter: Shaun Katz

Cinematographer: James Caley

Editor: Shaun Katz

Actors: Bridgett Snedon, Stephen Peacocke


Synopsis: A young woman, in a confused and drug addled state, invites her neighbor in from next door. Her desperation causes him at once feel repelled and yet also sympathetic for her, resulting in a most unusual and emotionally startling encounter.



Bag Boybag boy 150


Director: Felix Carlyle

Producer: Felix Carlyle

Scriptwriter: Felix Carlyle

Cinematographer: Alex Zar

Editor: Alex Zar


Actors: Nick Bolton, Selia De Zotti


Synopsis: Purvis - a bag boy, travels in the lift in an office building for a large corporation. He is a 'loose cannon' - always late, always joking and messing up, but he's OK and fun to be with. We experience his interactions over a week with some fellow employees - including Peter Phillips, his boss!!


Chameleonchameleon 150


Director: Brent Williams

Producer: Dejay Vi Nguyen

Scriptwriter: Brent Williams

Cinematographer: Evan Papageorgiou

Editor: Brent Williams

Actors: Peter Sumner, Ben Brock


Synopsis: Ben is enjoying a relaxing lunch with Sam after a big night on the town until he notices an old lady staring at him from across the restaurant. Why is she staring? Does he know her? Chameleon is a comedy about how everything is not always what it seems.



At this Momentat this moment 150


Director: Kurt Roberts

Producer: Greg Osborne

Scriptwriter: Kurt Roberts

Cinematographer: Ian Jones

Editor: David Kelly


Actors: Ben Jobberns, Susie Collins


Synopsis: When Simon’s father shoots himself in the family shed, Simon and his best friend Pam move to the city to escape. Simon discovers his past is haunting him so Pam takes Simon home to help him find the answers to his father death. Once home, Simon discover the truth behind his fathers death and realises that Pam is more than just a friend.


Down by the SeaDown_by_the_Sea_150


Director: Thomas Graham

Producer: Liam Crain

Scriptwriter: Thomas Graham

Cinematographer: justin Harrison

Editor: Patrick Conlon


Actors: Palmer Marchese, Daniel Axford


Synopsis: After Mugging an innocent man, 2 teenage boys decide to wag school for the day and find out that the consequences of their actions will afect their friendship forever.


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-Chillin' Out-



Get a Life….Coachget a  life coach 150


Director: Greg Punch

Producer: Greg Punch

Scriptwriter: Michael Neaylon

Cinematographer: Paul Smith

Editor: Greg Punch + Paul Smith

Actors: Emma Brennan, Michael Neaylon


Synopsis: An over zealous male life coach; an, "Oh, but I'm trying" female client; a pair of pink boxing gloves and whether it's solicited or not, a little bit of advice and a little bit of fat reduction. Self improvement can be humorously hard work.



The Sound of Shadowsthe sound of shadows 150


Director: Julietta Boscolo

Producer: Annmaree J Bell

Scriptwriter: Julietta Boscolo

Cinematographer: Tim Alewood

Editor: Rolmar Baldonado

Actors: Judie Farr, Stephanie Jacobsen


Synopsis: If your heart falls into darkness and nobody hears it, do you merely become a shadow?



Dog on a Leashdog on a leash 150


Director: Greg Punch

Producer: Greg Punch

Scriptwriter: Michael Neaylon

Cinematographer: Paul Smith

Editor: Greg Punch + Paul Smith

Actors: Debra Bryan, Deborah Thompson


Synopsis: Rhonda and Kay are just out for a liberating walk in the park with the dog but in this comic emotional tug-of-war the lines get a little blurred regarding who is the master, who is the pet and who is really on the leash.



Jodiejodie 150


Director: Dean Ginsburg

Producer: Dean Ginsburg

Cinematographer: Dean Ginsburg

Editor: Dean Ginsburg

Actors: Amanda Smith, Clayton Moss


Synopsis: Jodie's connection with her boyfriend is under strain as they navigate through an event that will change their lives forever.



Wide Openwide open  150


Director: Greg Punch

Producer: Greg Punch

Scriptwriter: Michael Neaylon

Cinematographer: Paul Smith

Editor: Greg Punch + Paul Smith

Actors: Lara Mulcahy, Graeme Rhodes


Synopsis: Did you hear the one about the acrophobic man and his long suffering girlfriend? One day they went to the park and do something normal. Big mistake!



Rebeccarebecca 150


Director: Kate Vinen and Liz Cooper

Producer: Annmaree J Bell

Scriptwriter: Kate Vinen and Liz Cooper

Cinematographer: Gareth Tillson

Editor: Adrian Rostirolla

Actors: Pippa Grandison


Synopsis: Beyond redemption, Rebecca hides from the world. A psychological addiction to sex manifests itself physically. She lives only to satisfy her desire. Faced with a void she cannot fill, Rebecca can no longer hide from the monster she has become.





Director: Amy Alexander

Scriptwriter: Amy Alexander


Synopsis: A woman sits at an easel while around her the entire room is filled with paintings of a man in different poses, and as we focus on each one, the story of the man and the woman is revealed. A story about love, lust and never fogetting where you left your underpants.




Dog on a Leashdog on a  leash 150


Director: Greg Punch

Producer: Greg Punch

Scriptwriter: Michael Neaylon

Cinematographer: Paul Smith

Editor: Greg Punch + Paul Smith

Actors: Debra Bryan, Deborah Thompson


Synopsis: Rhonda and Kay are just out for a liberating walk in the park with the dog but in this comic emotional tug-of-war the lines get a little blurred regarding who is the master, who is the pet and who is really on the leash.



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-Dinner Snacks-



Rimarima 150


Director: Zayaan Jappie

Producer: Zayaan Jappie

Scriptwriter: Zayaan Jappie

Cinematographer: Hani Arab

Editor: Tim Molony

Actors: Hala Sbat, Mustapha Steve Karouche


Synopsis: Rima's biggest passion is cars; fast cars that look good! Her love of cars and talent for art enable her to be the design artist at her family's own car workshop. Her biggest dilemma isn't the macho guys who get their cars hotted up, but the idea of family betrayal.



Getawayget away 150


Director: Patrick Smith

Producer: Patrick Smith

Scriptwriter: Patrick Smith

Cinematographer: Jason Thomas

Editor: Patrick Smith

Actors: Paul Layton, Patrick Smith, Meg Day


Synopsis: Tim's wife is stressed about their debts. Tim hates his job, even though he needs it. However, all Tim really wants is a holiday. Staff cuts are being made…so, will that holiday come to fruition??



For Better or Worsefor better or worse 150


Director: Rodney Owen

Producer: Rodney Owen

Cinematographer: Rodney Owen

Editor: Rodney Owen

Actors: Evan Ferguson, Katie Moore


Synopsis: Greg and Gen, a young married couple, seek counseling to save their failing marriage. In the session, they recount their relationship, starting with their active sex, in the beginning. As it starts to die down, so too does communication between the couple. As Greg admits to confiding in a close friend, Rebecca, Gen admits to feelings of jealousy, mistrust and resentment. As the session draws to a close the couple is faced with the most important question of their marriage, do they still love each other?



Boundlessboundless 150


Director: Stephen Kanaris

Producer: Lisa Shaunessy

Scriptwriter: Stephen Kanaris

Cinematographer: Feung Seung Cheung

Editor: Chris Mill

Actors: Saxon Graham, Emma Brodie


Synopsis: Boundless is the story of Craig, a 35 year old man with Down Syndrome., who's quest for peersonal independence leads him to confront his dreams head-on.



Diceydicey 150


Director: Tali Caspi

Producer: Tali Caspi

Scriptwriter: Tali Caspi

Cinematographer: Tali Caspi

Editor: Tali Caspi


Actors: Tali Caspi


Synopsis: A short film entirely shot on a mobile phone.



Me_Myself_and_iPod_150Me,  Myself and iPod

Director: Aidan Prewett

Producer: Miranda Worthington

Scriptwriter: Aidan Prewett, Miranda Worthington

Cinematographer: Aidan Prewett

Editor: Aidan Prewett


Actors: Aidan Prewett


Synopsis: A boy considers his iPod and how it affect his life. Why so attached? Thus, there is a journey seeking answers.




Man's Best Friend Mans_Best_Friend_150*


Director: Luke Eve


Actors: Brett Williams, Pia Miranda


Synopsis: A romantic comedy about a man who is forced to choose between his love for his dog, and his love for his wife.





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-Saturday Night Specials-



Dirtdirt 150


Director: Kate Dehnert

Producer: Carla McConnell

Scriptwriter: Kate Dehnert

Cinematographer: Simon Walsh

Editor: Kate Dehnert

Actors: Tim Potter


Synopsis: Home is where the heart is, even after an apocalypse. John is alone, his house is underground was a disaster. However, his new book just might save him. Dirt is the story of one man's crusade to find meaning in the lack of an audience.



Identity Theftidentity theft 150


Director: Stuart White

Producer: Stuart White

Scriptwriter: Stuart White

Cinematographer: Stuart White

Editor: Stuart White

Actors: Stuart White


Synopsis: A man is interrogated by a mysterious masked stranger about his true identity. When the truth is finally revealed, things start to get a little hectic.



Tundratundra 150


Director: Claire Phillips

Producer: Claire Phillips

Scriptwriter: Claire Phillips

Cinematographer: Erin Black

Editor: Claire Phillips

Actors: Lee Ann Simon, Ana Ringma


Synopsis: Convinced that success is derived from getting out of the small town Tundra, Kate's careful life plan remains unchanged as her best friends fall apart.



Viva Las Possumviva las possum 150


Director: Marcus Hamill

Producer: Lib Kelly

Scriptwriter: Andy Muir

Cinematographer: Earle Dresner

Editor: Toby Dennen

Actors: Joel Russell, Rudi Baker and Sophie Cleary


Synopsis: When a young couple is woken in the middle of the night to the sound of movement in their roof, they can only imagine that they have possums in their attic. On investigation by the pest inspector, they find they have something far worse….Elvis!



Frailfrail 150


Director: Alex Murawski

Producer: Annmaree J Bell

Scriptwriter: Alex Murawski

Cinematographer: Bonnie Elliott

Editor: Adrian Rostirolla

Actors: Anne Looby, Maddi Newling


Synopsis: A stark confrontation when death forces Dorothy to question her mother's stoic manner and discover a simple beauty in her sister's childish ways.



La Rosala rosa 150


Director: Kieran Williams

Producer: Kieran Williams

Scriptwriter: Kieran Williams

Cinematographer: Kieran Williams

Editor: Kieran Williams

Actors: Daniel Joseph Little, Miriam Zady


Synopsis: Pepe Fernandez is a Mexican soldier who has returned home after being held by American forces for 2 years after his battalion surrendered near the border in 1914. A young girl from his home town in Mexico opened up a correspondence with him that lasted for the duration of his time there and the two fall in love. Now that he has returned, Pepe arranges to meet her for the first time. Since he has never seen her, she tells him that he must look for the woman wearing a rose.



The Verticals *The_Verticals_150


Director: Matthew Walker

Producer: Richard Vidler


Synopsis: Four country men are living in a vertical world. What happens when their lifestyle is challenged?





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