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Synopsis Collection #1

Below are the 13 films that make up Collection #1

the 2009 Best of Newtown Flicks


Download Synopsis (as PDF 2.1MB)



Fade    14.04


fadeWinner 'Best Independent' film award, 2009 festival


Director, Scriptwriter:  Vincent Taylor

Producer:  Heydon Films

Cinematographer:  Jac Fitzgerald

Editors:  Nick Moore, Paul Williams

Actors:  Anna Lise Phillips, Jeremy Lindsay Taylor


Synopsis:  Journeying through a cold and isolated landscape, Ryan and Anna reluctantly fulfill a promise to visit Ryan's dying father. The couple's marriage is in ruins but they have agreed to keep this to themselves until their obligation has been completed. Confined together in their car with silent tension they are confronted by a bizarre phenomenon that will change their lives forever.



Sweet Kicks    7.00


sweet-kicksDirector, Scriptwriter, Editor:  Thomas McKeith

Producer:  Esward Winn-Dix

Cinematographer:  Lufti Hady

Actors:  William Howarth, Lachlan Nicolson, Anna Davoll


Synopsis:  What do you do when a stunning man with beautiful hair is chatting up the love of your life inside a nightclub, and you're stuck outside wearing scruffy sneakers with a blockhead bouncer giving you attitude?



The Water    4.19


the-waterWinner 'Audience Bites Back' award, 2009 festival


Director:  Carl Firth

Producers, Scriptwriters, Editors:  Carl Firth, Dean Nye

Cinematographers:  Rose McVittie, Rod Silman

Actors:  Dean Nye, Julia Achilleos


Synopsis:  Following his fiancé’s tragic death one man takes revenge against her killer.



Burden    22.00


burdenWinner 'Directors’ Choice’ award, 2009 festival


Directors, Producers, Writers:  Ben Field, Liam Doyle

Cinematographer:  Jonathan Martin

Editor:  Ben Field

Actors:  Kain O'Keefe, Indiana Evans


Synopsis:  Based on true events. A young man is trapped in a life that is spinning out of control and is pushed to the edge of reason.



Man’s Best Friend    6.17 


mans-best-friendDirectors:  Andrew Martyn, Michael Wayne

Producer, Writer, Cinematographer:  Michael Wayne

Editor:  Andrew Martyn

Actors:  Michael Wayne, Ralphie


Synopsis:  A man copes with the devastating loss of his pet dog.



Il Nastro Rosso    8.03 


il-nastro-rossoDirector:  Leslie Marsh

Producer:  Natalie Lopes

Scriptwriter:  Vincenzo Riemma

Cinematographer:  Brad Jarrett

Editor:  Leslie Marsh

Actor:  Vincenzo Riemma


Synopsis:  Salvatore’s life has turned to crap. Each day is a bit worse than the one before. Is there no hope for this pitiful existence?



Retail Therapy    5.15


retail-therapyDirectors:  Natalie Lopes, Leslie Marsh

Producers:  Natalie Lopes, Leslie Marsh

Scriptwriter:  Natalie Lopes

Cinematographers:  Leslie Marsh, Celia Lam

Editor:  Leslie Marsh

Actors:  Jarred Smith, Ann Rafferty, Janelle Pearce, Isobel Wooding, Loretta Palmeiro, Sam Faull, Kate Dougan, Nigel Hunt, Natalie Lopes


Synopsis:  Do you have issues with IKEA? This film could provide a solution to your problem.






Reach    3.49 


reachWinner 'Best Student' film award, 2009 festival


Director, Producer, scriptwriter, cinematographer, editor:  Luke Randal


Synopsis:  A tiny robot is given the gift of life with only one limitation - the length of his power cable. When a curious bird arrives at the workshop window, his lust to live outside his reach may be his demise.



Mercury Vapour    6.40 


mercury-vapourWinner 'JVC' award, 2009 festival


Directors:  Zoe Barnes, Samantha McManus

Producer:  Sean O'Keeffe

Scriptwriters, Editors:  Zoe Barnes, Samantha McManus

Cinematographer:  Samantha McManus

Actors:  Rachel Clough


Synopsis:  What to do when a girl finds herself alone at school surrounded by unknown villains?



The Garden    7.19 


the-gardenDirector:  Brent Wiliams

Producers, Scriptwriters:  Brent Wiliams, Dejay Vi Nguyen

Cinematographer:  Evan Papageorgiou

Editor:  Brent Wiliams

Actors:  Peter Sumner, Luke Sumner


Synopsis:  An old man struggling to make ends meet is attempting to cut corners by growing a vegetable garden in the backyard. Meanwhile his son, Jamie, who is in jail, is frustrated that he can't do more to help - or can he?



One Last Gift    17.00


one-last-giftDirector, Producer:  Rob Steele

Scriptwriter:  Bill Purnell

Cinematographer:  Richard Jones

Editor:  Richard Lewis

Actors:  Lyn Collingwood, Rob Steele


Synopsis:  What happens when a gift is given and a disaster strikes?



Broken Road    4.15


broken-roadDirector, Scriptwriter, Editor:  Brodie Rocca

Producer:  Lynsey Urquhart

Scriptwriter:  Bill Purnell

Cinematographer:  Nathan Solomon

Actors:  Mirko Grillini, Hayley Rocca, Sierra Rocca


Synopsis:  When a father and his two daughters break down in the middle of the desert, they are forced to confront the tensions between them.



Leaving The Nest    15.05 


leaving-the-nestDirector, Scriptwriter:  Dan Jones

Producer:  Laura Jones

Cinematographer:  Tim Barnsley

Editor:  Stephen Rogan

Actors:  Luke Ayres, Carina Jones


Synopsis:  A young man and his girlfriend can no longer stand living with his parents and his mother’s nagging. They move out to a place of their own. It’s not long before they discover that the grass is not so green on the other side.