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2010 Launch

In a blink of an eye the festival launch has come and gone. We saw a huge variety of people at the pub and all seemed to be enjoying themselves tremendously. I suppose you really can’t go wrong with beer, wine, good food and great video ....can you??!!


We got to see the current list of judges for the 2010 festival including; Bruce Beresford; Garry Maddox and Luke Eve, to find out more about the 2010 judges Click Here.


JVC have announced another great prize of a $6,500 HD camcorder in the JVC award section.


Finally, we got to launch our new poster and thank Chris Doyle for another great job in designing this great icon.


Bill, myself and the whole team would love to thank everybody who’s helped us to date and all those who have offered their assistance in the future. We’d really encourage you to get your entries in early, or to get out and make one. We’ll announce more great prizes as well as new judges as we get closer to the festival. And, our website will be giving regular prizes away to those who sign up. So.................keep tuned.


That’s all for now.


Make Something!



Martin and Bill