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About Us

Newtown Flicks was originally set up as a non-profit organisation established in 2005 to meet the demands of the underground Sydney short film industry. Born over breakfast in one of the many cafes in downtown Newtown, we committed to the long term development of the company and its ideals.


Six years on - We still strongly encourage filmmakers with fewer opportunities by providing a network of knowledge and contacts for aspiring artists and ongoing opportunities for the screening and touring of their work.



Meet the Director of Newtown Flicks


Martin Kelly


martinOn just another Sunday in July 2005, myself, Bill Jordan and  Spiros Hristias got together for a coffee at our local haunt ‘Cafe Martini’. The three of us had originally met at the New Theatre about a year earlier, just across the road from this now infamous cafe. Through many discussions at the front-of-house or in the bio box we found we had similar interests and these breakfast/coffee sessions only reinforced these facts.


As we saw it at the time, these were the facts: The Valhalla and Cheval Theatres had closed down and Tropfest and Flickerfest were now international events beyond the reach of the new and aspiring filmmakers. Where in this inner city precinct can they show their wear?


Thus, Newtown Flicks was born. Our target audience are these talented up and coming film makers. We want to give them a space and provide or facilitate interactions with more experienced professionals contacts and informal get-togethers.


Six years on, Newtown Flicks has become an integral part of the Newtown, inner-city and Australian cultural calendar showcasing both the new filmmaking talent in the area as well as nationally while supporting other initiatives in multimedia areas.


It’s always difficult to see where this will ultimately take us. But we at Newtown Flicks believe that there is an overwhelming amount of talent in Australia and it's just a matter of providing a venue/s where their wares can be presented to an awaiting audience.