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2009 Festival Winners

Thanks to all our supporters and sponsors who have given so generously.


We are proud to announce the Winners for the 2009 Newtown Flicks Short Fim Festival:


Best Student:reach

'Reach' - Luke Randall


A tiny robot is given the gift of life with only one limitation, the length of his power cable. When a curious bird arrives  the workshop window, his lust to live outside his reach may be his demise.



Best Independent: fade

'Fade' - Vincent Taylor


Journeying through a cold and isolate dlandscape, Ryan and Anna reluctantly fulfil a promise to visit Ryan;s dying father. The couple's marriage is in ruins but they have agreed to keep this to themselves until their obligation has been completed. Confined together in their car with silent tension they are confronted by a bizarre phenomenon which will change their lives forever.



JVC Award:mercury-vapour

'Mercury Vapour' - Zoe Barnes


What to do when a girl find herself alone at school surrounded by unknown villians.




Directors Choice:burden

'Burden' - Ben Field and Liam Doyle


Based on true events . A young man is trapped in alife that is spinning out of control and is pushed to the edge of reason.



Audio Award:

'Guardian Angel' - Nicolette Serfozo


A blilnd widow, Patrick, struggles to accept his blindness due to society's pre-assumptions, Therefore he decides to get a tatoo in an attempt to integrate and find peace within himself - whilst his nine year old daughter influences his every aspect of life and the impresssion he gets from the world.


Audience Bites Back Winners:

-JVC Package worth $2,500


'The Waterthe_water_142_pixels' - Carl Firth

Following his fiance's tragic death one man takes revenge against her killer.



Runner up:



'Un Cafe Loveun_cafe_love_142_pixels' - Mark Lagana

Un Café is a stop motion romantic comedy about love involving the most unlikely of characters. In it we watch the awkward attempts of two gents as they try to get closer to their love interest, Caroline -the new girl.