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2008 Festival


Winner of Best Student Film


Modern Primitives

modern_primitivesDirector: Katie Witchard

Producer: Katie Witchard


Cinematographers: Josh Wheatley

Editor: Karan Mandhian



Jake Sommerville


Western Culture has seen the demise of many initiations that in earlier times confirmed adulthood and strength for civilisations. This short documentary examines the practice of 'Suspension' as an appropriation of an ancient ritual and how it serves today to create community, clarify and an affirmation of life.



Winner of Treehouse Award


floatingDirector: Chih-Kuang Tu

Producer: Chih-Kuang Tu

Scriptwriter: Chih-Kuang Tu

Cinematographers: Sarah Vaughan

Editor: Chih-Kuang Tu



Anne Lui, James Du


Chia-Ming moves to Australia with her family. The whole family is excited about the new life except Chia-Ming…


Winner of Best Independent Film


playgroundDirector: Eve Spence

Producer: Liam Branagan

Scriptwriter: Eve Spence

Cinematographers: David Burr ACS

Editor: Tanya Trochoulias



Sam Gorman, Isaac Gorman, Tom Walters, Murphy


Making friends can be a dangerous venture.

Two young brothers trespassing on a building site are chased and cornered by a guard dog. Rescued by the dog's unlikely master, Floyd, the boys enter his worldly 'playground' where a fragile friendship is formed and tested.


Winner of Director's Choice

The Cypriot

the_cypriotDirector: Vincent Taylor

Producer: Vincent Taylor

Scriptwriter: Vincent Taylor

Cinematographers: Marcus Dineen

Editor: Paul Williamson



Brendon O'Connor, Terri Brabon


A motel room, a heatwave and a conversation.


Winner of the JVC Award

One Shoe Billy

one_shoeDirector: Aidan Keogh

Producer: Aidan Keogh, Joanne & Brian Keogh

Scriptwriter: Aidan Keogh

Cinematographers: Aidan Keogh

Editor: Aidan Keogh



Evan Morgan Grahame,Callum lofts,Jordan Gallerway,Tim Shelley, Alex Rapley, Aidan Keogh


A light hearted tale about over coming adversity and handball.


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